Nassim Azadi was born in Tehran Iran in 1980.

She got her bachelor degree in Industrial Design from Azad University in Tehran.In 2005 She moved to Canada  and then went on to study Animation at Sheridan college.

She started painting when she was aged fifteen with one of the most prolific Iranian Illustrators and instructors in Iran, and later she specified her filed in Illustration, working with one of the top Iranian children's book publisher, subsequently having more than twenty book published in the Middle east, Asia  and Europe. Parallel  to children's book illustration,after her graduation from Sheridan college she started working as an illustrator and animator for the Swedish production company Chimney Pot in Dubai. Soon she became the art director of many their short films and commercials. 

The first feature film She production designed and art directed was the beautiful and lyrical children’s film “The Desert Fish”, shot in Iran and completed in Canada in 2013. Following the Success of “The Desert Fish”, She was commissioned as the production designer for the multi-ethnic fiction Australian film “Journey” in 2016. Since alongside her freelance illustration and animation work She also works as a matte painter and concept artist for  VFX companies in Toronto.



Biennial of Illustration Bratislava                                                 2001

5th Tehran Biennial of Illustration                                               2002

8th International Biennial of Illustration Belgrade                      2005

9th International Biennial of Illustration Belgrade                      2007

10th International Biennial of Illustration Belgrade                    2009

Teatrio Italy ''The Cannonball Lady''                                           2010

Solo exhibition     Haft Samar  Gallery Tehran                           2010

Group exhibition     faravahar  Gallery Tehran                            2011